Wow, November is half way done and I am not on the ball! This month is always a little crazy for me with my migraines but I’m pushing ahead! So, if you have been following me on instagram or if you want to check it out you get my latest work. This month is an acrylic painting month in my cozy studio (its getting cold outside) with 2 painting I’ve been working on. The smaller one came out in a day but the larger one is stumping me! It have waves in it but I just can’t seem to nail it. So, off to YouTube I went but was surprised that only 1 Artist have a video on painting stormy waves. It helped a little. I hope that it will be done soon but I know that I have to be patient with myself and the process.

That is my tip for this month when you are working on a new project and it is going slower than you like, remember to take your time. Try working the piece from a different angle: sketch it out, work in other materials or take a break from it for a while by go for a walk then come back with fresh eye. You can also ask a friend or fellow artist for some feedback. Trust me it helps. For me I’m going to try to work in some other material into this painting! Collage! AH HA!

I hope this works!

Stay safe and God Bless!

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