My first art blog...say what!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Roberta, owner and artist of RCMZ Studio. Today is my first blog….and full disclosure, a little afraid but I’m going to forge ahead. I thought that once a month or more, depending on my workload. Maybe twice a month, I would blog or vlog about my art pieces that I’m working on, the supplies that I use, the ups and downs of being a freelance artist working from home, and the other ins and outs of what I do. First and foremost, so you all know, that this is my first attempt to start an art blog and not my first time trying to run my art business. I grew up in the military until I got married. With every move, I tried to start my art business in the days before online shopping was a thing, but to no avail. Now I'm older (I’m hitting my 40’s, people!) and am managing multiple chronic illnesses, yet I felt like this was time to give it a go again and try to do this with what little tech knowledge I have... lol.

I’m hoping that as I do this, I can keep myself on track and not get overwhelmed and hopefully help you in the event you might be wanting to try your hand at art or selling art.

So if you want to read my many artistic adventures, then subscribe or head over to my Instagram page to check out my work.

P.S. there are so many things that I need to do aaaaaahhhhhhhh! See you next month1

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