So Many Art Supplies so little time!

I recently discovery Daniel Smith watercolours, “color to try” sample sheets with 238 colours! WOW It took me 3 day and 9 pages from my watercolour book to swatch them all. Man it was fun. It cost me about $26 CDN from one of my local art supply store DeSerres (love is store) online order, but it is so worth it! SO MUCH FUN!

About half way through my 3 day test swatching, I decided to post on my Instagram fee to show my followers what I’m up to and I got a great response from @eidtedevelyn in Australia. She is currently swatching Winsor & Newton watercolours. Now I’ve used W&N for about 7 years now and have never seen a sample sheet available to buy like Daniel Smith’s. So, being the curious cat that I am I had to see if this was available in Canada and in my art stores. Now my instagram follow said there where 96 colour test sample sheet colours in her country, but after looking on my art supplies online stores I found them, however the sample sheets are for 109 colours and costs between $25-$30 CDN. Same cost less colours……….mmmmm

So this does not mean that I will stop using W&N but I think after sampling Daniel Smith me thinks it time to try them for a while! Lol

Thanks again to my local art supply stores providing great service during Covid-19!

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